Thursday, 17 May 2012

eKaya vs pButcher

Man, I've played a lot of pButcher lately, despite the fact I find playing him to be very boring. Mostly because I was testing out several lists. And now I finally get to test croes cutthroats in the environment they were meant to be used in. ie. against Hordes and living models, not undead skeletons, bane knights etc.


Winterguard rifle corps
Kovnik Joe
Croes Cutthroats + Valachev
Black Dragon Fang Pikemen + UA
Harlan Versh

-Warpwolf stalker
-Warpwolf pureblood
-Feral Warpwolf
-Argus x 2

Druid Wilder

Turn 1
-I run stuff up
+He runs stuff up while casting shadow pack on eKaya so his units can't be shot at. Meanwhile he contacts my rifle corps by running to them.

Turn 2
-I  charge towards his pureblood who's out in the open with my cutthroats. Do not manage to kill it but take it down quite a bit. Juggs walks normally. Next, butcher activates. He ironfleshes himself and then feats and casts fury on the pikemen. Kovnik Joe gives the rifle corps boosted attack rolls. I activate the rifle corps and the lone guy engaged with the wolf moves back so that everyone else can shoot him without the ridiculous bonus. He dies obviously and then my rifle corps starts shooting the crap out of his wolf. It dies horribly. Pikemen charge the pureblood while 1 runs to engage the stalker. The pureblood dies a horrible death.
+My opponent uses his argus to slam the Juggernaut out of the way so it's no longer screening Butcher. He uses the other argus to kill the pikemen engaging the Stalker but then he forgets to do one very important thing. He forgets to feat with eKaya and asks if he can redo it since if he did so, his argus wouldn't be blocking his charge lane to Butcher and he could try to assassinate me. I refuse since it's pretty much a confirmed win if he redoes it and I'd at least like some ambiguity. He charges and kills Juggernaut anyway.

Turn 3
-My turn. So because of the strange positioning of his eKaya, my cutthroats found themselves in her backarc at the start of their activation. They thus get the backstab bonus on their damage rolls against her. However, several of them are facing away from her. I activate them, give up movement, use valachev to give them free movement to turn them around while moving them closer. Use their action to shoot her. Apparently thats 10pow+ 2d6 + 1d6 backstab + 1d6 poison = 10+ 4d6 per shot. Needless to say, she dies very quickly. 
Thoughts on game
Normally, unless it's a game-winning action, I generally don't have an issue with redoing their turns. If he had managed to feat properly with eKaya, I probably would have lost. 

Otoh, I did manage to test out the cutthroats in the environment I wanted and they are pretty amusing at times.