Monday, 14 May 2012

Escape from Werewolf Village REG2

  Well, I went for the 2nd real escape game held in Singapore. This time, the theme was "Escape from Werewolf Village" and it was held at SCAPE instead of CHJIMES.

  As usual, you're locked into the event hall with all the other groups that are attending the same timeslot. Usually, the seating is randomised although you can ask the organisers to let you sit with friends. It just so happens that this time, we had enough people to fill one table by ourselves. Kind of like the last time we attended the game in Singapore; although that was more by accident.

 Like last time, we're given a locked box with what was presumably a very important clue that will help us solve the final puzzle. Last time, we managed to puzzle out the key combination to the box through a lot of random factors although technically we're supposed to crack all the minor puzzles and then we will get a clue that will lead us to the combination on the lock. This time, I didn't bother. I just started messing with the lock once we sat down on the table. BTW REG Organisers? You might want to buy better locks -_-. The ones you have are really easy to crack. If you start from the last number and continue testing/pulling the lock, you'll feel a very tell-tale twinge from the lock when you hit the right number. Then you continue on with the 3rd last number and continue on until you have all 4 numbers. I cracked it in less than 30secs -_-.

  Yet, despite the damn headstart, we didn't manage to solve the puzzle. As usual, we were stuck on the damn last puzzle, which was a puzzle wrapped in a puzzle about a puzzle. But I'm really starting to understand how the minds of these organisers work, since their pattern didn't change much from game 1 to 2. Third's time the charm! I will crack the damn final puzzle the next time.