Monday, 7 May 2012

Thyra vs eIrusk

Another match against someone who has been dubbed the local 'cheese' master. Was somewhat short on time so I played my easiest list which is my 2GC list. There's little need to micromanage armies when you only have uh...20 models on the table and 8 units. 


2x GunCarriage
2x min. squad of Mechanics
1x min. squad of MOW Shocktroopers
1x Mortar Crew
1x Field Gun

-Blood of Martyrs

2x Daughters of Flame
Covenant of Menoth
Saxon Orrik
Madelyn Corbeau

He wins deployment so he goes first. No scenario this time round, surprisingly.

Turn 1
-He runs all his units up, which may not have been the best move because now his daughters of flame are really really close to 7 AOEs.
+eIrusks cast FFE on a GC and feats and energizers.I move up and shoot. I kill eEiryss with a blast (though I probably shouldn't have bothered. Probably would have been better to wipe out the daughters of flame), kill some of the daughters of flame and then put lots of rough terrain AOEs into play. Demolisher goes up, opens up and destroys more daughters of flame. Same for the other GC but I make a mistake here and overextend it. Guess I was too eager and not thinking straight. 
Turn 2
-He uses vengeance to move his daughters of flame out of eIrusks control area so that during their activation, they are no longer within his feat area during the start of their activations. He also feats with Thyra so thats more free movement. Thyra stealths herself and casts pursuit on my GC. They move normally and engage my fieldgun and mortar crew. I fail EVERY SINGLE DAMN tough roll I have to make >_<. Seriously, I think the rate at which I make tough rolls is waaaay below the average. Blood of Martyrs charges my GC and kills it. 
+I make a major mistake here. Anyway, I cast BL on the STs. They proceed to cripple the Blood of Martyrs till it only has movement and cortex left and because of the way I positioned them, it can not run away. Demolisher tries to beat the Revenger but I forget it has repulsor shield so I hit once and then get repulsed. GC moves but I forget pursuit is ALL MODELS in battlegroup not just warjacks. That means Thyra gets a free movement. Right towards eIrusk. Uh-oh. Anyway, I try to shoot Thyra despite her being stealthed, and I actually do enough damage that if she weren't stealthed, she'd be dead >_< But yeah, she's not dead.
Turn 3
-Thyra takes all her focus and charges eIrusk. With her spell carnage, she easily manages to hit eIrusk and with weaponmaster on, she wrecks him in no time. 
Thoughts on game:
  Well, a lot of ways I could have played this differently. Like I said earlier, probably shouldn't have concentrated on eEiryss on turn 1. I could probably have wiped out almost all the daughters of flame if I hadn't done so and frankly, the epic version wasn't that much of a threat to me. Instead, letting the daughters of flame lived cause my fieldgun/mortar crew to get smacked by them later on, which really screwed me over. Same with sacrificing my GC so early on. If I played a bit more defensively, I probably could have really made my opponent sweat since he didn't have that many units to crack armor and I had lots of methods to crack infantry + armor. 
  Also, not knowing about repulsor shield was a bad bad move on my part -_- Same with the issue with pursuit. Hopefully, this won't be a mistake I repeat. 

I am thinking of switching out the shocktroopers for demo corps though. There hasn't been that many instances where I needed their Shieldwall but there have been many instances where I have wished 'Damn, I wish I had backswing + Battlelust'.