Monday, 23 April 2012

Cryx Vs Khador: The Rocky I version

Right, so I'm Rocky and Cryx is well...Cryx -_- I'm out to test Karchev's tier list, which will be an uphill fight because frankly, Karchev does NOTHING to help all those MOW democorps I'm fielding. Plus I'm really clueless about how to use greylords. 

-3x Berserker

Max. MOW Demo Corps x 2
Max. Mechaniks


2x Mechanithralls
2x Necrosurgeons
Withershadow Combine
Bile Thralls

He wins initiative so he goes first.

Turn 1
-He runs his units up
+I move my units up
Turn 2
-He runs backwards
+I move forward. I really wish I had shooting at this point. 
Turn 3
-He moves a few bile thralls forwards and dents the armor on my jacks. Erebus moves forward as well.
+I tow+unearthly+feat rage to kill Erebus with the berserkers. I try to trample with the last berserker to prevent the threat of bile thralls later on while everything else runs. Here is where I make the crucual mistake, I don't realise that greylords ice cage DOES NOT have the words model/unit. I probably confused them with Sorscha in my mind. Anyway, because of that mistake I ice cage the mechanithalls because my original plan was that if they were stationary, they wouldn't be able to move, hence blocking 1 charge lane to Karchev and blocking the bile thralls as well. 
Turn 4
-His bile thralls purge most of his units as well as my mechanics protecting Karchev. The chicken runs up. Scaverous than telekinesis Karchev so he's further out. The necrosurgeon spawn their mechanithralls and then they charge on Karchev, killing him. 

Thoughts on game: Hmm, I still have no idea how to use greylords. Also, reading the text on Ice Cage wrongly really cost me. Would have done better to tarpit them with one unit of Demo Corps, which probably would have died and then used Greylords + Karchev to spray the rest of the units standing around. Or sent in berserkers to blow up for the lulz. My Demo Corp worked about as well as expected. They're basically a big threatening hammer that doesn't need much to boost their performance. I also chose to use them instead of ShockTroopers because in a normal game, I would be running them as much as possible instead of moving 4" and then shieldwalling. But since this was my first game with this list, I was a lot more cautious and apprehensive. Especially considering who I was fighting. 

I do miss the shooting though -_-