Thursday, 5 April 2012

Khador VS Legion 35 points

So I had my first game of Warmachine in a month. And against Legion as well. As expected, things didn't go too well for me. 


Mortar Crew
Black dragon fang Pikemen with UA
MOW Demo Corps
MOW Shocktroopers


Throne of Everblight
Spawning Vessel
Spell Martyr
Spell Martyr

He wins deployment so he goes first. It's a SR2012 scenario where we're supposed to control the zone in the centre.

Turn 1
-He runs, casts admonition on 1 seraph and refuge on the other. 
+I cast Fire For Effect on the mortar. I move up to the centre as well, keeping my units in shield wall. My mortar takes a pot shot at his Seraph and hits. 

Turn 2
-His units move up further. One of his warbeasts tries to take a potshot at the BFD pikemen but is out of range. Meanwhile, I discover his throne of everblight has FLIGHT. WTF? How does it even fly. It doesn't have wings.
+I move up to the centre; playing aggressively for once. My reason for doing so is because I wanted to use eIrusk's feat as a denial move; to prevent him for charging. I cast energiser with eIrusk so that he will be within range of the warbeasts during their activations but I make several mistakes here. I should have moved FIRST then cast energiser because moving first would have let me see how far away I was before deciding how much I need to spend on energiser. Secondly, I run myself dry by casting tactical supremacy on the Shocktroopers so that they can move in front of eIrusk later to shield him.Unfortunately, I also forget that units not on a hill do not block LOS to units on a hill. 

Turn 3
-He goes first. Most of his beasts are caught within my feat. But somehow I leave a tiny bit of LOS to eIrusk and his Angelius shoots me. I take 5 damage and am on fire due to a critical hit. He sends his throne into my BDF pikemen and kills 2; which I totally forget to make the tough rolls for because they're still within my command range. He then sprays eIrusk. he needs a 13 to kill and somehow he manages to do it. It was an anticlimatic end to the game.

Thoughts on game: I made a lot of mistakes this game, which I've detailed in the turn summary. Forgetting to make the tough roll was also another big one, since it may have prevented him from getting a corpse token for his throne and would have ,in the best case scenario, meant he couldn't boost his spray at all or could only boost 1 aspect of it.  Forgetting about the LOS on hills really hurt too. Either way, i think a lot of this could have been avoided if I had positioned eIrusk just a little bit better since I think the board layout at the end of turn2 was quite in my favor with my troops either forcing him to back off or get slaughtered the next turn to BattleLusted BDF pikemen or BLed Democorps. 

Nonetheless, this is only my 2nd game against Legion; and against the same Legion player as well. It took me 3 losses against the damn eGaspy list before I could even win against it.