Sunday, 22 April 2012

The House of Robert Timms

501 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238880
Right, so I dropped by this place the other day out of curiousity. The decor is fairly nice but there is one thing that will definitely grab your attention once you have a chance to sit down and peruse through their menu. That's the fact that the place is very, very expensive. How expensive is it? Well, steaks start at 40++ SGD and the only dishes below that price are mostly sandwiches, wraps and pasta. Well, it's not like I haven't paid that much for a steak before but I just wasn't feeling it from this particular joint. Nonetheless, I decided to try it out anyway. 

So I ordered myself a main and a drink of Hazelnut frappe; without the whipped cream. The drink was fairly decent but again, it was somewhat overpriced. I consider the coffee I took at Tea Cosy to be better. And cheaper to boot. 
And then finally, the steak came. I ordered a T-bone and I'll say this, it was large. But it's hard to fuck up steak. Most restaurants can do a decent or average steak but it's hard to find a truly delicious steak. 

With that said, how was the steak? Well, it was...sad to say, average. Granted, it's a huge portion of meat so perhaps the average taste could be balanced by the fact that it's a fairly large serving. However, what tips the balance is really the price. Comparing the steak at Robert Timms to the steak at TGIF (which is another restaurant whose steak I frequently eat), which is also about the same price point, I would have to say TGIF wins hands down. And by quite a substantial amount as well. 

So there we have it, large servings but fairly bland taste. It just wasn't worth the 50 bucks I paid for it since the meat itself probably only cost at most 1/3 of that price. For the remaining 2/3, I'd expect the restaurant to be able to cook it better to add more value to the meat.

I was planning to try some of their deserts but considering a slice of pie costs 14 after tax and feeling somewhat let down by their mains, I decided to  skip it. As it is, this meal cost me 60+

End Result: 3/10