Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Young Justice S1

So Young Justice S1 is finally over. About time, it only started Jan 7 2011 and ended in April 2012. That's 15 months for 26 episodes or an average of 1 episode every 2 weeks. 

So how was it? Was it worth the long waiting? Well, for a serious action cartoon, it wasn't bad although some of the villains Xanatos gambits feel a bit far-fetched and out there. It really seems like the writers are basically going "Everything you do has been planned by the villains" without really making the villains seem that credible a threat. Their xanatos gambits are hardly as magnificent as Lelouch (Code Geass) or Light (Death Note).

Also, I have no idea how but Batman ended up being the NICEST character on the league. What's up with that? Usually, Superman is. But who's the one wo reached out to Superboy? Who mentored Young Justice? Who stood up for Captain Marvel when they wanted to kick him out of the league? All Batman. 

Speaking of which, it seems funny that Wonder Woman of all things is questioning Batman on training Robin because she thinks Robin is too young. This is the woman from the society of Amazons that started training her too when she was just a kid. Writers, meh -_-

I was a fan of the original Young Justice comics, having picked up the series since issue #1 so I was a bit cheesed off at the start when they showcased the cast and made Dick Grayson the Robin, Wally West the flash and then included a new aqualad and artemis instead of Arrowette. But as time went on, Artemis sorta grew on me. Aqualad....not so much. I still find him a rather dull character.

They've also included various shout-outs to the original comic run, such as Secret; who was originally a founding member of Young Justice and the romance between the speedster and the arrow user.

Which was finally confirmed in episode 26 with the kiss between the two. I mean, you knew it was coming and it was a far more enjoyable relationship to watch developing than Ms Martian and Superboy. The only issue is that they really seem to be pairing up people for the sake of pairing up people as now it seems every single member of the Young Justice squad has a potential romantic partner. I guess this is why they de-aged Zatanna -_- Not a fan of the whole "let's pair everyone up" syndrome.

Judging by the end of episode 26, it seems like the next season will focus on Starro and you have to wonder at this point whether the Light; the villains, really are doing things of their own free will or whether they've somehow been indoctrinated as well. Just hoping next season doesn't take 15 months to conclude.