Friday, 6 April 2012

Winterguard Mortar Crew done

So I finally managed to get my Mortar Crew from Maelstrom. I only ordered it in JANUARY -_-. Seriously, wtf d00ds. Anyway, now I can stop proxying random jacks for the mortar crew.

Decided that I didn't like the normal paint scheme for the Winter guard and tried to make mine more Khadorish. I don't really know why everything else in the Khador army is mostly shades of red while the Winterguard are mostly grey. Does red fabric cost a lot more in the Iron Kingdoms? 

Anyway, I discovered a pure red scheme doesn't look too good either so I mixed in some shades of grey in there as well. It's basically only 6 colors, red and grey for the clothes and the hat, copper and metal for the metallic bits and 2 different shades of brown for the belt and pouches. 

Some individual shots below.