Saturday, 7 April 2012

eIrusk VS Borka 35 points

Had another game last night, this time against a former Khador player turned Trollblood player. 


Mortar Crew
Demo Corps
Black Dragon Fang pikemen + UA

-Slag troll

Fell caller hero
Fennblades + UA
Sons of Bragg

This ends up being one of the LONGEST games I've played so far. Mostly because of how it ends up being a total war of attrition. 

He wins the deployment so he goes first

Turn 1
-He moves most of his units up and casts windwall on Borka and ironflesh on the fennblades. The bomber casts its animus on itself and is now girded. 
+I move my units up and try to shoot the bomber. I'm just out of range and it scatters and hits nothing. I also cast Artifice of Deviation to force him to take a detour.

Turn 2
-He moves further up. He doesn't upkeep IF on fennblades but casts it again on them later, so that they don't get -1 speed during their turn. Windwall is recast; same with the Bomber's animus. He tries to shoot but he's out of range with most of his stuff but one shot does 2 damage to a demo corps. My opponent makes a mistake here when he accidentally runs a few fennblades too far out that they leave the command range of the leader but I didn't spot it at this time. Later on, someone mentions it to me.
+I try to shoot Borka but my deviation misses (the shot automisses due to windwall). This was because his fennblades were too far apart for me to bother with shooting them since I would hit 1 at most and I frankly thought it wasn't worth it to use a mortar to kill 1 fennblade. More units move up. I cast energiser, move both Irusk and the Demolisher up. I then switch FFE onto the demolisher, feat with Irusk and then demolisher activates and shoots the sons of bragg. They manage to make their tough rolls but they're fairly damaged.I minifeat with the BDFpikemen as well.
-All his units are caught within my feat due to one/several models of the unit being conveniently within my control range. This is where my opponent and I make another mistake again. eIrusk's feat says units can not give orders. This includes running. But my opponent runs his fennblades away from me. Which really shouldn't have happened but I also didn't spot it at the time. *the hindsight of doing batreps -_-) Anyway, he tries to backpedal most of his units back.
+I kill off 1 sons of bragg with a few shots from the demolisher. *Damn tough* And then I cast AOD to make the river non-rough terrain for my troops and BattleLust on the pikemen. This is when I make a mistake. I misjudged the frigging distance between the pikemen and the Bomber. I try to charge the bomber with the pikemen but I'm just out by a bit. At which point, my pikemen are out in the open and very very vulnerable as the next turn will prove. If I had a better estimate of the distance,I would have just left the pikemen in shieldwall and moved them normally and cast BL on the democorps instead. Anyway, live and learn. I place my pikemen so they at least will block a lot of charge lanes. The democorps do reach the bomber however and demonstrate to him the power of their backswing. Shocktroopers stay in shieldwall.
Turn 4
-All my BDF pikemen die except for the UA. I had a stellar first few turns but this one really turns the table on me, making it so I struggle for the win. He kills most of my democorps as well. Leaving 1 near Borka so that he's engaged and thus gets +2 armor.
+On my turn, I charge with one pikemen and kill 1 fennblade. My democorp kills off the son of bragg engaged with him. The rest of my shocktroopers move up in shieldwall and proceed to attack. I have a cunning plan, more cunning than a fox who took a course in cunning in Harvard. 1 shocktrooper shoots my own democorp in the back, killing him and causing Borka to lose his engaged armor bonus. The rest of the shocktroopers than beat stuff normally and kill off a few fennblades. Demolisher then shoots Borka with FFE on and does 12 damage to Borka which Borka does not transfer out. Mortar shoots Bomber and kills it after Irusks cycles FFE onto it.
 Turn 5
-He charges my shocktroopers but he just can't get past their shieldwalled armor. 
+I kill more stuff. This has turned into a pure war of attrition. He's left with 1 fennblade and the standard bearer, the slag troll and Borka and his damn keg carrier.
Turn 6
-His slag troll charges into my shocktroopers and kill 1 and I manage to make tough rolls for the other one. One of the few tough rolls I make this game. Meanwhile, my opponent is making tough rolls like a madmen.
+Irusks upkeeps FFE on mortar. I charge the sole fennblade, kill it but it makes tough AGAIN. I cast BL on the shocktroopers. They kill off the remaining slagtroll and then my demolisher shoots the kegcarrier. It kills it but it makes tough. And then I shoot it again. No more keg carrier. Now Borka has 6 hp left and no way of generating fury. 
Turn 7
-Borka cuts himself, gaining 2 fury at the cost of 2 life. He charges my ST and kills all of them except 1. He leaves that in play to try and gain the 2 armor bonus. 
+I deliberately move my last Shocktrooper away from him, provoking a free strike from Borka and killing it off. Then my mortar crew with FFE upkept shoots Borka and hits. Borka tries to make his tough roll but fails. It's game over for Borka. Either way, I would have continued shooting with demolisher and then Irusk if need be. With only 1 hp left, Borka wasn't a threat to Irusk since he couldn't even cut himself to gain fury. 

Thoughts on game: Well, this ended up being the longest game I've played so far, mostly because we ended up kill off each others armies to almost the last man. It probably would have ended much faster if I hadn't misjudged my pikemen's charge distance and just kept them shieldwalled to annoy the fennblades. By the way, I now find the kegcarrier to be VERY annoying. It's definitely higher up on my 'to-kill' list before Borka now. Free 2 fury every turn? NO WAY.