Sunday, 29 April 2012

Iron Fang Pikemen

  Man, I've been busy lately and haven't had much time to paint, what with moving house, work, buying furnishings, fitting in games of warmachine and other stuff. But I've finally managed to finish my Iron Fang Pikemen unit. That's right, plain vanilla IFP.

Why vanilla IFP? Well, that's mostly because I've had them since BEFORE the Black Dragon pikemen were announced and I had already painted 2 of them before that. Once the BDF were announced, I tried to remove the shields I already stuck onto them but they didn't give and I didn't want to force it and then have something break on me. Hence, vanilla IFP. 

I stuck with the original colors I had, with only 3 basic colors; red, metal, copper. Wit these dudes, I've finally finished painting at least close to 40 models since I started warmachine in Nov'11. And that's just for Khador alone. 

Now I just need to stop buying new shinies and finish painting what I have...