Thursday, 19 April 2012

Tea Cosy

Plaza Singapura #05-10
Had a chance to drop by this unique looking cafe/restaurant the other day. In case people haven't spotted it before, it's by Spotlight on the 5th floor and it really, really doesn't look like a restaurant.

This is what it looks like from the outside. I've passed by it several times before without even realising it was a restaurant. It looked like an accessories shop to me, and being situated next to Spotlight didn't help either.

However, this time I decided to go in and try it. I ended up trying something new and ordered their set dinner menu where the main was a large Portebello Mushroom wrapped with bacon and with an egg somewhere in the package. I don't know where it was, but it was pretty good. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First, they served us drinks; good news for everyone, this restaurant DOES give free ice water despite looking like the type that doesn't. My set came with a choice of 3 drinks , coffee, tea or lemonade. But I chose to upgrade to their special Minty Coffee. 
Yes, that IS the mint at the bottom. Anyway, it wasn't bad and you could certainly taste the mint. I'm not certain I would pay the full 6 dollars for the drink but since upgrading only cost me 3 bucks extra on top of the meal, I'd say it was worth it.
Next came the soup. The soup itself was nothing special but what stood out for me was the bread they served with the soup. It's not clear in the photo but there is a layer of something on top of the bread. It's not butter but rather, it tasted like the top of a Portuguese egg tart. 
Finally, came the main. That bacon wrapped goodness? That's the portabello mushroom with egg somewhere in the middle. Despite my initial apprehensions (mostly because in the menu, the word Mushroom was in singular form), I found it to be quite filling and tasty. It came with loads of mashed potatoes at the bottom and some greens as well.
And finally, at the end to top it all off, the desert, Creme brulee. Well, it was nice but I wouldn't say it's outstanding in anyway. I found the top coating a bit too thick but that would just be my own preference. Either way, it's not a meal that I can fault.

What was also nice was the fact that they don't charge GST at this place. Only service charge. So this meal ended up costing me about 29SGD in total after the service charge, which wasn't bad because frankly, I've had far worse for more expensive. On the plus side, the service staff was friendly, competent and actually fairly attentive, often appearing to clear my plate a few minutes after I was done with it. So yes, I would probably recommend this place. 

End Result: 8/10