Saturday, 14 April 2012

Crack vs Crack

Had a VERY VERY long game against Cryx. Which ended up being mobile artillery VS army of undead. I also have no idea why people think 2x Gun Carriages are unfriendly. I almost never see people run 1 GC, let alone 2. Unfriendly would be running an IronFlesh caster with Kayazy or WinterGuard -_-


Mortar Crew

Field Gun
Min ShockTroopers
Min Mechaniks x 2
2x GunCarriage

-Leviathan x 2

Mechanithralls x 2
Necrosurgen x 2
Gerlak Slaughterborn

We play no scenario. I place 2x trench templates given to me by my tier list. 

Turn 1
-He runs up, with his bloodgorgers leading the way.
+I start shooting, creating lots of rough terrain for him to go through. He makes a lot of tough rolls for his bloodgorgers and cause of Gerlak, doesn't get knocked down. But none of his units have pathfinder. Irusk casts Artifice of Deviation to slow down more units. All those red markers? Those are signifying spots where 4" rough terrain AOEs landed. 

Turn 2
-He runs up even further. He allocates 3 focus to each Leviathan. Meanwhile, his leviathans just stand in the forest all day to shoot my GCs. He misses horribly with them. I don't know how. They're DEF 10. 
+I feat with Irusk. I do more ride by attacks and kill off Gerlak slaughterborn.*YES NO MORE FRIGGING NO-KD*. I shoot more Rough terrain into his rough terrain because I heard he likes rough terrain in his rough terrain. Mechaniks repair GC. 
Turn 3
-All his units but his mechanithralls are caught in my feat. He gives 3 more focus to each Leviathan and proceeds to shoot my GC again. I'm still alive. 
+GC does a ride by attack to move away from the Leviathans range while still shooting more stuff. His necrosurgeons are popping out stuff at an alarming rate. Meanwhile other GC is being repaired. I make a mistake here where I don't leave enough space for my GC to move out so it has to stay where it is. This proves...fatal for the GC.
Turn 4
-He finally kills 1 GC with all his Leviathans shooting at it -_- Several units charge the other GC while all the others have to run cause of all the random rough terrain I put out.
+I kill his units engaged with my GC. Then my GC does a ride by attack. It's very risky but I'm trying to get out of his range or at least force him to come in further to me. Meanwhile, mechaniks run and STs move up slowly to beat/shoot stuff while in shieldwall.
Turn 5
-Usually the game ends during this turn. Anyway, he pops more mechanithralls who then kill off my last GC. Poor GC. The Leviathan pops two ST
+This is when my mechaniks decide they must cleanse the battlefield of those FOUL ABOMINATIONS, the mechanithralls. Apparently mechanithralls and mechaniks have really similar stats. Anyway, I charge his mechanithralls with my mechaniks and i beat quite a few. Lol. I also destroy his necrosurgeons with my charging ST. Meanwhile I try to airburst his damn pistol wraith but miss horribly. Bleh. Should have used the focus to boost airburst till it hit just to be sure, instead of cycling FFE. 
Turn 6
-Pistol wraith kills off my mortar crew. Leviathans kill off my fieldgun with boosted shots. I fail to make tough for a single one. 
+My mechaniks go up to try and engage his Leviathan to prevent it from firing. The pistol wraith dies to Demolisher. 
Turn 7
-Man, I didn't even realise we had this many turns. His Leviathan tramples across my mechaniks, killing 2 but I make a tough roll for 1.
+I allocate 3 focus to Demolisher and then I do something stupid. I cast BattleLust on one of the mechanik units. They're now fearless!! With one additional die on damage rolls. Lol, I charge them towards the other Leviathan. Surprisingly, they do a bit of damage even at -10 to damage.I shoot the nearby Leviathan and do some damage. Demolisher charges it and wrecks it in 1 activation.
Turn 8
-This game will never end! He moves Venethrax up
+I basically start running away from Venethrax. We decide to call it a draw at this point. Mostly because nothing is going to happen. I still have 1 Demolisher, 2x units of mechaniks and Irusk left. But very few things I have are going to be able to go through 22 armor. 
We do play a 'what-if' the game went on longer scenario. TL;DR, his other Leviathan dies. Then Irusk dies. Assuming I don't just run and upkeep Tactical Supremacy on myself every turn. 

Thoughts on game: Eh, was a very very very very very long game. I really need to be able to get rid of the necrosurgeons early on but he hides them pretty well and they can just redirect ranged attacks to nearby minions. Another strategy I could have done was to use my 2GCs to go hunt for Venethrax while everyone else move in that direction as well, which would have left his other units running to catch up, which they would have done eventually. 

Otoh, I at least managed to kill off his entire zombie army this time. Last time I didn't manage to do it but I did kill Venethrax that time. Mostly cause I had Behemoth in the list. Not much I could do against Venethrax at armor 22. My best bet at that point would probably have been FFE on Demolisher and keep shooting Venethrax cause boosted dmg rolls at pow 15 still has a high chance of getting through his armor. And if Venethrax wanted to spend focus to take down Demolisher? Even better. Or I could give him 1 focus to have him try and headbutt Venethrax and keep going until he succeeded or he died. Def 15 and armor 22 is a very hard nut to crack with only Irusk left on the table.