Wednesday, 11 April 2012

GunCarriage = LOVE

Just had a 35 point match against a fellow Khadoran. My list? A super-cracky one that basically goes on the basis that if One GunCarriage is good, TWO GunCarriages must be awesome. You can guess the gist from there. 

Khador (Me) 
Theme list: Heavy Armor Battalion

4 Battle mechanics 
4 Battle mechanics 
3 Shocktroopers
1 Mortar Crew
1 field gun (proxied by objective marker)

Khador (Other)

Winterguard + UA + rocketeers
Kovnik Joe
Kayazy Assassins + Underboss
Greylord Ternions

Right. Just looking at the list alone, most people would probably say I'm going to lose. Horribly. We're playing a SR scenario in which we have to capture the other sides objective. Me being me, I forget about the objective 2 turns into the game. 

Anyway, he wins deployment and he makes me go first. 

Turn 1
-Units move up. GCs move up to create lots of rough terrain. I cast FFE on 1 GC. I cast Tactical Supremacy on the Shocktroopers and they run. 
+He runs his units up as well. Greylords pop smoke on Kayazy. He has IF on his WG. 

Turn 2
-This is where the fun begins. I upkeep FFE and do a ride-by attack with the GC. The first shot scatters and kills 1 greylord. The second kills more WG with him failing his tough. I then activate Irusk and cycle FFE onto the other GC. Repeat action with him losing more WG and some Kayazy due to deviations. Then Mortar fires, then the FieldGun. Basically, not that many winterguard left at this point. 
+He moves up and tries to take a few pot shots at one GC. He does a fair bit of damage to it. 
Turn 3
-This is when having 2 units of battle mechanics come in useful. I took 16 damage to GC1 the last turn. After 8 repairs, I'm almost back up to full. Repeat cycling of FFE with the GCs, with me mostly using the FFE shot to hit Behemoth. My goal is to down either his sub-cortex or his cortex. I also feat during this turn. Meanwhile I plant Demolisher in the zone to contest it.
+Only his Kayazy are caught by my feat but that's okay. Because it means they can no longer try to assassinate me on this turn with their sneaky 'run through models' feat. He moves them up closer anyway while taking more potshots at the same GC.
Turn 4
-My mechaniks work their magic again, repairing it to full.However, I make a mistake here and push 1 GC out too far to try and block LOS to Irusk. I shouldn't have bothered since I forgot Behemoth also had arcing fire for a moment. Anyway, Demolisher pulls a sneaky trick and walks into the forest and makes sure he's not engaged with anyone. He then shoots Kayazy no.1, he misses it deviates but hits 2 instead. Both die. He then uses his 2nd shot to shoot Kayazy no.3 and kills it as well. At this point, they fail their command check. I cycle FFE onto the fieldgun to try and Critical: Knockdown Butcher. I hit but fail to get a critical and with Butcher's boosted armor of 22, I don't do much damage anyway. 
+Anyway, Behemoth's cortext is down so he can't charge. Plus he's got rough terrain blocking him all around. Instead, he and the WG kill off 1 of my GCs. Finally. Too bad, I was looking forward to repairing it.
Turn 5
-I make another mistake. I charge the last greylord and kill it, which also put my GC too close to the frontline and also positioned it so I couldn't get off 1 shot. I should have moved it normally and then shot just for the 2xAOE. Anyway, FieldGun shoots first with FFE upkept to try and critical Butcher again. I hit but still no critical. Dammit. 
+Winterguards+Behemoth shoot my GC but don't kill it. They also spray Irusk and deal 6 damage to him. Butcher charges my GC and 1shots it. 

Turn 6
-Right. No FFE to upkeep since it was last on my GC. I decide not to cast it again. Instead, I allocate 1 to demolisher since I'm planning to charge with him later in a do-or-die scenario. Mechaniks charge the WG to see if they can take down a few. Nope, their IFed defense is too high. "Right," I say, "let's trust the dice then". I activate FieldGun and pray for a crit. And surprisingly, it does. I roll double 6, knocking Butcher down. Hohoho. Irusks activates then, casts BattleLust on himself and charges Butcher. Dammit, even with BL on, it's hard to get through armor 22 with pow13. My spectators are advising me to buy and boost instead of buying individually. However, I decide to trust in the dice because if there's ONE thing I've found out about dice rolls is that I rarely get 'average results'. Instead, they're either very subpar or quite good. I whiff 2 of the 4 attacks but I deal a fair bit of damage to Butcher anyway. My Shocktroopers charge him as well. One whiffs while the other deals 1 damage to Butcher. Butcher now has 2 hp left. I walk my Demolisher up and shoot him, forgoing the charge. It's enough to kill the toughest man in Khador. But if that had failed, I still had a mortar crew standing by, plus the Demolisher's 2nd shot. 

Thoughts on game: So um...2 GunCarriages are love? They are fairly annoying if you don't have pathfinder or if you have low armor troops. I made several mistakes in the game but overall, I'm pretty pleased with the result since it was a crack list vs what can be considered a tournament-worthy tier list. Of course, good die rolls didn't hurt either because goddamn, Butcher can be a pain to kill. Maybe if I had democorps in the list but I chose ST because of their survivability and their ability to screen Irusk cause of that same survival. The FG was put in simply because of the crit ability which would be a lot better with FFE and because I only had 2 points left. It was pretty risky charging Butcher like that but it was pretty much all on the line at the point of time. Against anyone else though, I wouldn't have had to struggle so much just to dent his armor.