Monday, 30 April 2012

Harbinger vs pButcher

Was testing out a new pButcher list, although any list I made with pButcher would be new considering I haven't used the guy before. The list itself is a bit weirder than normal since surprisingly, it doesn't contain MOW , Winterguard death stars or Kayazy Assassins. 


Min. IronFang Pikemen with UA
2 units of Kayazy Eliminators
Winterguard Rifle corps
Kovnik Joe
Min. Croes Cutthroats + Valachev

-2x Vanquisher

Exemplar Errants + UA
Rupert, Piper of Ord
Covenant of Menoth

Right, so this seems like a fairly hard list to crack. My own is pretty simple. The juggernaut is there for stopping power (P+S 19 AXE2FACE!!), the IFP are there to hunt warjacks if needed. Kovnik Joe is there to boost Riflecorps. Rifle corps are there to shoot people. Same with Croes cut throats. I put Valachev with them simply so they can benefit from Butcher's feat. Granted, the point case for them might be better used getting Kayazy assassins but poison seems like it might come in really useful at times; to say nothing of poison + 1d6 from butcher and possibly +1d6 from charging.

Anyway, I go first. This time we're playing a SR scenario that involves being able to capture a flag and contest a point at the same time to get a Victory Point. The white circles represent the area we're supposed to contest.

Turn 1
-I cast IF on Croes crew to make them more survivable and then run up with everyone else.
+He runs up with everyone else but feats with Harbinger as well.
Turn 2
-I move a few of my troops backwards to avoid the POW14 fire damage that comes from Harbinger's feat. I run the Juggs forward. A lot of my momentum has been killed by his feat. 
+He runs Vilmon to the flag and scores a point. 
Turn 3
-The deciding round. I try to kill his units so that they can't reach the flag in time and I plant the eliminators near the flag, hoping that basically he won't be able to hit them and kill them. I also try to block his entry into the zone with my rifle corps.
+His vanquishers put a hole into my wall and his exemplars run into it. That settles contesting the area objective. He then tries to hit my eliminators with Vilmon and some of the exemplars. Nope, misses. He then charges my eliminators with Harbinger and with guidance (lousy autohit weapon >_<) he kills them both, securing himself the win.

Thoughts on game: Hmm, Harbinger's feat really screwed over my momentum. Before that, I wasn't that worried but now that I've fought Harbinger, I can see why she's strong in scenario games. Her and Old Witch. 

I made a mistake by leaving their flag wide open. Probably would have done better to rush Juggernaut over there to stand over the flag (and I'm also realising why devastators are awesome in scenrio play). Also, forgot Harbinger AUTO HITS >_<. Gah. Also, I'm not sure but anyone know how Cataclysm interacts with stealth? One auto-hits but one auto-misses. 

Overall, I saw more use out of Croes Cutthroats than the rifle corps mostly because the rifle corps hung back a lot due to spacing issues to avoid the vanquisher's AOE. I think I need to test this list again before I can say whether I really want to change anything in it, like switching the cut throats to Kayazy or getting more pikemen.