Monday, 9 April 2012

SW RPG Session 070412

Right, a brand new session and a brand new scenario after a 1 month hiatus.

Our fearless adventurers this time around are

Hiara shak (hiara'shak),twilek noble and daughter of a prominent slave trader in coruscant. She's out to have fun and try out new things. Towards that purpose, she has hired some tough looking guys to try out bounty hunting along with her friend, Alicia.

RC-1148, 'Prime'. Soldier. Republic Clone Commando, leader of Gamma Squad. Engaged with Separatist forces on Fellucia when Order 66 was issued. Refused to follow orders due to morality conflict. Killed squad mates when they refused to follow his orders to stand-down. Now a fugitive and on the run. Currently serving as a mercenary.

Zuul; human scout. Enlisted in the army after the clone wars but dropped out of boot camp as he found military life not to be to his liking.

Tyler; human scoundrel. One with many secrets and connections
Mahsid: Ex-republic starfleet officer. A mon calamari. Introduced to the party by Seamus Yung.

Hiara manages to wrangle the location of the boss from them, discovering he's at the Megadeth slums. Zulu discovers the cans are full of fish. The party walks away intially but decide to go back and try and retrieve the documents. Hiara goes back to try and 'convince' the IWs to give them the documents.
Lady: No no, payment first! We do this after many customer run away

DM tells Prime that during the one week break, he falls seriously sick. During this time, he goes to see a doctor who tells him that somehow it seems like his cloned cells seem to be deteriorating and that while he can give him medicine to alleviate the symptoms, he can't reverse the process. The clone trooper accepts it with stoicism.

Hiara tries to buy a military droid and applies for the license. However, she fails to get the license due to her low skill roll.

DM hands Hiara a piece of paper. 

She gets her mission and she goes to the bar to meet the party. The rest of the party are having a discussion about things in general. She tells them about the quest and says its to retrieve some documents that could possibly be at one of three places she has the address for. They decide to head to the nearest location, which is in a slum nearby.

Hiara goes around to find more information on the Iron Warriors but is stopped by Nasus, whom she recognises as her familys oldest retainers. Nasus tells her that her parents want her to stop gallivanting around the galaxy and want her to come back and settle down. She declines but he insists that she go back with him now. The rest of the party spot this and walks over. She tries to protest but he tries to drag her away. The party tries to stop him by saying she owes them money but he ignores the rest of them, saying her parents don't care and want her to come back. The trooper punches Nasus and knocks him into a table, causing him to spill some drinks on the patrons. Before they know what's happening, a full fledged bar fight breaks out.

They manage to sneak out except for Prime and Hiara. They get caught up in the fight for a while before finally managing to sneak out. They decide to go to the 1st address, which is a room in an apartment. They make a perception check and they notice several guys lounging near the staircase. Hiara goes to talk to the people lounging at the staircase to ask them if they know if they know anything about the Iron Warriors. They do not bother to gather any information on the Iron Warriors.

IW: Iron Warriors? You're talking to one baby.
Prime interposes himself between the two.
IW: Oh, a big boy eh. I like those.
Prime takes out his blaster
IW: Oh, I love boys with ...big...guns

Hiara tries to persuade the IW to let them in but he fails.
IW: Look, if you don't want to buy anything, don't waste my time! We got other customers waiting.

As they say this, the party notices a small scruffy person walk up, hand one of the people a credit chip and get a bag filled with white powder in return. She tries to persuade but fails and the thug shoves her to the ground and tells her to stop wasting his time. In response, Prime punches the thug and deals 7 damage.

IW: That's it! You're going to die bitches!

Hiara: 7
Tyler: 21
Mahsid: 17
Prime: 21.5
Zulu: 27
Thugs: 22

Zulu headshot one of the thugs and insta-kills him with the damage. The other guy shoots Zulu in response and deals 15 damage. In response Prime shoots the remaining thug.

The next combat round, 4 thugs burst out of the apartment door and start shooting but they miss. Prime shoots them with autofire but misses. Tyler shoots and kills one of them. Hiara kills one with shooting. Zulu kills the remaining 2 with autofire.

They search the bodies and then they search the room. When they enter, they notice lots of chemistry equipment which seem to be making more white powder. They search the room and find a few more credit chips, some porno mags and a PS2000 in the corner. The scoundrel notices the Iron Warrior tattoo on the dead bodies.

Prime tries to cut off the tattoos from the Iron Warriors, fails several times but finally succeeds. They search the crates in the room and find several packets of white powder. Hiara takes the 3 packs of the white powder and keeps it, wondering how much it'll sell for but fails her knowledge check.

They head to the next place, which is at the docks and don't notice anyone following them. The next location leads them to a ship docked at the docks. Before they approach the ship, they notice several figures walking around on the deck of the ship. Mahsid notices they seem to be dressed in the same way as the previous thugs.

The scout stealths to the warehouse and finds it full of crates. He opens up the crates and discovers its full of canned tins. He goes to the next warehouse and searches it again. He discovers its storing clothes. He goes up to the roof and notices several people walking around the deck of the boat, patrolling it with arms ready. Zulu gets ready in position to start shooting if he needs to.

Hiara, Prime, Mahsid and Tyler go up to the boat normally. Hiara straight-up asks “Hey, are you the Iron Warriors?”

IW: No we're not. makes a deception roll of 18
He fools everyone but Mahsid.

Hiara tries to persuade them to let them talk to the boss but she fails the first try.
IW: Go away, this is your last warning.
Hiara tries again and manages to succeed.
IW: Look, go away. If you want anything, go arrange your own shipment with the boss.

IW: Look, go away! What are you still doing here.
Hiara: Are you hiding something?
IW gets exasperated and shoots at Hiara.

Hiara: 23
Prime: 21
Zulu: 27
Mahsid: 18
Tyler: 11
Thugs: 24

Thug gets a surprise round, fails to hit. Zulu shoots the first guy, hits. Thugs do a lot of damage on their round. Hiara kills another guy on his turn. Prime kills 2 more guys on his turn. Soldier wounds one for 5 damage. Zulu shoots the injured guy again and kills him. The remaining thugs jump into the water and swim away. The soldier jumps into the water and chases after the remaining thug.

Prime stands guard while Zulu comes down to check for traps. They loot the bodies. They search the ship area. Zulu goes down to search the warehouse and discovers it filled with 4 crates.

Zulu: I open the first crate
DM: You open it and find yourself staring at a mine....
Zulu: SHIT!
DM: An unarmed mine...

He discovers the first crate has 4 anti-personnel mines. 2Nd crate has 12 blaster pistols, same as the 3rd crate. The 4th crate contains mandalorian armor, that is sized for an ewok.

They search more around the ship but discover nothing. They decide to go to the Port Authority to find out more about the ship. They pay 50 credits to retrieve records of the ship; the Vengeance. He tells them the Vengeance was decommissioned 5 years ago. They say that can't be right but the port worker insists it was decommissioned years ago. They get a map of the local oceans. 

Before they leave the ship, they leave an armed mine in the engine room. They leave to visit the next area, which is a red light district. They find themselves in front of building called the Cathouse. As they enter, an older lady greets them.

Zulu: Do you have any special products?
Lady: Of course of course, we got special products. We got mon calamari here, even ewok.

Mahsid lies prone in preparation of violence.
Mahsid: Don't mind me. 
Lady: You! We don't do this out here. We do this in room!

They try to hire the Lady Boss but she say she costs 7000 credits. They try to persuade her to accept payment later.

Zulu: We won't run away!
Lady: No no, you look like the type who runs away.

Party decides to go with plan A. Which is apparently 'Kill Everyone'. Tyler tries to grapple the lady but fails. The lady reverses the hold and grapples Tyler in response.

Hiara: 11
Zulu: 27
Prime: 22
Mahsid: 14
Tyler: 17
Thugs: 24

Prime downs 1 thug in the surprise round. Hiara kills another one. 1 thug downs Hiara. Prime kills 1 more thug. Scoundrel wounds 1 guy for 9 damage.

They kill everyone but the lady who runs away. They search the brothel and discover a wall safe. They crack open the safe and discover there's a datapad with profiles of the brother workers and some credit chips.

The scout tries to track the lady but fail to as there are too many footprints leading away to track her down. They decide to go to the hospital for healing, which costs them 50 credits per 1 hp. 

They go to the slum and find a father beating his kid. The soldier physically stops him and throws him to the side. The kid says “Papa, papa” and runs to his father. Another female runs up to the adult and tries to help him up.

Domingo: Dammit! Leave me alone! All of you!

He wanders off by himself. They try to stop him to pump more information but he ignores them all. They try to get information from the mother but she just thanks them and doesn't tell them anything.
They notice a crowd gathering and Hiara gathers information on the Iron Warriors from them. He rolled a 27.

He finds out the following information
They're known to be a very deadly organisation, one that it's better not to mess with. They have large operations and started from the Megadeth slums.
They're suspected to have ties to senators in high places, which is why they don't seem to have much reprisal for their actions. Their leader is said to be very close to several politicians. No one knows who their leader is.
It's whispered they've recently been having trouble with another gang muscling into their territory recently. Nothing is known about the other gang.

He also finds out the following about Domingo
They discover the mother was kidnapped by the Iron Warrior gang 9 years ago and when she was released back to the husband, she was pregnant.
Domingo also used to be a police officer who was putting pressure on the Iron Warriors. In response, his wife was kidnapped and used against him until he dropped the case. Since then, he has become an alchoholic drunk who abuses his family but still provides for them.

Zulu follows the mother and kid home to try and make sure they're safe. He notices several IW nearby, underneath a streetlamp but they're not paying attention to the PCs. He comms the others to find out whether they want enact Plan A on the unsuspecting IWs but they decide not to.

They decide to find Domingo and head to the nearest bar where they find Domingo sitting at the bar counter and getting drunk and 3 IW sitting in a corner of the bar, drinking and having fun.

They buy Domingo a drink but he says
Domingo: I don't want this, I don't need your charity! I don't want ANY OF YOUR CHARITY!”
He smashes the drink into the floor.

They try to persuade him to help them but fail to talk sense to him at which point they decide to go with Plan A. Which is to knock him out and drag him somewhere to 'persuade' him. But the barkeeper stops him, saying Domingo had a hard life and that they shouldn't pick on him. He threatens them at gunpoint to leave him alone.

They go back to the IW boat to rest and recuperate and look through the datapad. They discover an address located in Megadeth. They decide to rest and go back the next day. They also discover several encrypted files in the datapad and hack it. They discover the password is donkeymonkeyears and its for several bank accounts with a moderate amount of credits in them. They take all the money and transfer it to themselves.

The next day, they go to the secret place but a passed perception check has Prime notice that the surrounding is very quiet. Too quiet in fact.

Another perception check allows them to discover the secret door, which they realise has been left open. They try to look for tracks and discover there are tracks going in and out of the base. There is also a hidden switch on both sides so either side can open the door. 

Zulu decides to stealth in and sees the room is filled with dead IW bodies. A perception check has them realise that the IWs seem to have been taken by surprise, with most dying before having fired a shot. They search the room but can't find anything else and decide to continue onwards.

They go further into the passage and hear the sounds of gunbattle coming from within.  

End Session 1