Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Karchev VS Mortenebra

Jack Heavy vs Not so Jack heavy. Kind of makes me wish I was playing my all-jack list just so that I could see how Karchev does against an all-jack list with an all-jack list.

-3x Berserker

2x Max MOW Demo Corps
Max Mechaniks

-Slayer x 3

Warwitch Siren x 2

Turn 1
-He runs up
+I run up
Turn 2
-He starts killing some of my MOW democorps with his range attacks but not enough to severely affect me. Meanwhile his helldiver is running in and popping in and out
+I gather my units closer. The MOW run/charge when possible. I don't kill anything at all this turn
Turn 3
- He charges me, kills off a few more MOW demo corps but it's a costly move as he's now within my range. He also kills off my greylords. It's the 2nd game in a row where my greylords haven't done much.
+I bust a few heads with Karchev + Berserkers + Rage. MOW demo corps surround/charge one jack and it's gone. He's now left with 3 jacks while I'm fresh. Well, except for my MOW, who keep dying.

Turn 4
-He kills off more MOW but leaves himself open to the counterstrike.
+I have the berserkers screen Karchev while I cast tow. Democorps destroy more of his jacks.
Turn 5
-Most of his jacks are dead. He sends his warwitch siren to go and block possible charge lanes but he leaves Mortenebra out in front.
+I tow with Karchev, rage and pop my berserkers so that it has a charge lane to Morty. However, it's being engaged by a warwitch siren and if I move, I'll take a freestrike and lose my movement. I decide to charge the warwitch with the mechaniks, reasoning that heck, I need to kill that witch. The first one misses, the 2nd one misses but the third hits on 10 with 2d6. I need 10 damage to kill the warwitch flat and I manage to roll 4,4,2. The warwitch is now dead. Morty is camping her focus. I send the berserker I allocated 2 focus to towards her. He hits her with his attacks but she can't be KD. I buy 2 more attacks and and I finally manage to pop her. Just for fun, I roll to see if I explode but I don't.

Thoughts on game: Well, I made better use of my Demo Corps in this game than in the previous game with Cryx, using them as bait; albeit very very expensive bait. Greylords still didn't do anything. I'm seriously starting to think the best target they can pop smoke on in this list IS THEMSELVES. Everyone wouldn't benefit much from the concealment since their defense is almost universally 11 or 10. Maybe they can pop it on the mechanics....