Friday, 13 April 2012

Cheese VS Crack

Or in other words, Legion vs Khador.

There's something about Legion that basically gets me. It seems to me like their units have deceptively long and good range attacks and before I know it, suddenly my caster is dead.


GunCarriage x 2
Min. Mechaniks x 2
Min ShockTroopers
Mortar Crew


2x Hex hunters w/ Bayal attached to one
2x Blighter Nyss Sorceress and Hellion
1x Spell Martyr

I win deployment so I go first.
Turn 1
-I run most of my units up, including my 2 GCs. I don't bother shooting anything cause all the units are too far away. I cast FFE on Mortar and Tactical Supremacy on a GC. 
+He runs most of his stuff up as well. By the way, the tier bonus of +2 speed for Legion warbeasts in the first round? That's sick -_-. 

Turn 2
-I upkeep both spells. Mortar tries to shoot something and deviates and kills some hex hunters. Painted GC1 does a ride by attack, moving 0 inches first cause he had 1 unit engaged with me and then shooting everything near him. "Stealth? What stealth?" I deviate but kill off most of the stuff next to me anyway. Then I move 7". GC2 goes and wipes the remaining models of that unit off the board and damages the Sorceress on her hellion. Demolisher moves up to contest their objective. Shocktroopers move away from the FG. FG knocks down the scythean with a critical knockdown. eIrusk moves up to feat and catch the scythean and unit of hexers in his feat.
+He runs Belphagor up. Casts gallows on me, pulls eIrusk forward 4 inches, feats and then kills me with boosted attack and damage rolls from all his magic using units. He pretty much 2-shot me thanks to some INSANELY good rolls. How good? He needed a 15 on 3d6 to insta-gib me on the 2nd shot and he actually did it. 

Thoughts on game: I hate Legion? Actually, everything was going pretty well until I got hit by Gallows. As usual, my warcaster tends to be too out front but to be fair, I think there are very few other armies which can deal that kind of long-range damage (other than Retribution) in 1 turn. Probably should have left Irusk further afield and risk him charging me or taking a point. It would have been hard but not impossible to kill the Demolisher but would have probably been worth while. And if he didn't kill the demolisher, my mechaniks would have repaired it. I had one side of the board controlled with my 2 GCs which would probably have run around to get to their warlock later on, or their warbeast. Depending on which was easier.